How to wear colored contacts safely?

Colored contacts are becoming more popular. You can add them to your everyday look, to a cosplay outfit, or for your Halloween costume. Lens can transform your look. Contacts come in many different types, sizes, and effects. You can enhance your natural eye color, add a slightly new color, or dramatically change your look. Some Regardless of your eyesight, it is important to take the right precautions. The following are some important things to keep in mind before investing in color eye contacts.

Get Your Eyes Examined

Coloured contacts are not toys, so it is important to consult an eye doctor. The wrong lens can permanently damage your eyes and cause serious pain. It is important that the contacts are the right size and shape for your eye. Eye professionals know how to fit the lenses to avoid scratched corneas, pink and and infection. Scheduling an eye exam is also about checking if there are any other issues. Eye doctors will also explain the proper way to care and use lenses.

Only Buy from Reputable Providers

Following a visit to the eye doctor, you will receive a prescription for lenses that perfectly suit your needs. Make sure to research different vendors before making the purchase. You should never order contacts from unlicensed websites since they may sell unapproved brands or one-size-fits all lenses. Avoid shopping with novelty stores, convenience stores, and street vendors. A store that does not accept prescriptions usually means they are not to be trusted. You want color contact lenses that have been certified and approved by the FDA. This ensures the are safe.

Getting Used to Contacts Takes Time

If you have never worn contact lenses before, it is important to start slow. It may feel strange to have something in your eye. Experts recommend first timers wear them for a few hours at a time to get used to them. You can then gradually increase the time. It may take a week or two before it feels completely normal to use the color contact lenses. If you have questions, ask your eye doctor.

Proper Care Is Important

Contact lenses need regular care. You will need to store them in a safe container with the right contacts solution. Pay attention to any irritation or pain. You should never sleep with the lenses because it can cause serious pain and damage. Make sure to wash your hands before you handle the contacts. You never want to get dirt and debris on the lenses.

Avoid Sharing Contacts with Others

Never share your contacts with other people, not even for a special occasion or Halloween. If you have invested in contacts from a professional, then the lenses fit your eyes perfectly. If someone else wears them, they will not fit the same. Never share your contacts with anyone since it can transfer bacteria and result in infection.

Be Aware of the Disposal Time

Contacts should only be worn for 30 days at a time, even when you store them in solution. If you do not plan to wear them every day, you can invest in daily disposables too. Wearing contacts past 30 days can cause infection and even affect your eyesight.

Follow Doctor’s Orders

Never ignore an eye doctor’s instructions and advice. This is more than changing your look; you don’t want to damage your eye health by ignoring directions. Once you start wearing the contacts, make sure to pay attention to redness, pain, vision problems and other issues. Eye professionals can diagnose the issue and protect against serious problems.

Know the Different Types

There are different types of color contact lenses. Plano lenses are meant purely for changing your look whereas vision-correcting lenses are a replacement for glasses. Coloured lenses are considered a medical device, which is why the FDA approves different products. Contacts can enhance eye tint, completely alter the eye color, or add special effects. Enhancement tint lenses make your natural eye color pop. They are usually best for people with light color eyes. Blending tints help you change your eye color in a natural-looking way. Opaque tints completely change your eye color, which is perfect for darker colored eyes. Lastly, costume lenses involve special effects that can help you transform your eyes so you look like an alien or vampire.

Choosing the Right Color

There are many factors to consider when investing in coloured contacts. You should think about your hair color, skin color, and desired effect. Some people want a subtle change whereas others want a drastic change. Eye contacts allow you to experiment until you find the lenses that suit your needs.

Different Uses for Different People

Everyone has different reasons for this investment. Some athletes invest in custom lenses to reduce glare whereas some folks just want to change their look. Professional actors use contacts for specific roles. Some people invest in lenses after they have had an accident. Changing your eye color may seem like a small change, but it could completely change your look. Colored lenses are becoming more and more common, which is why there are so many different products available.

Taking Breaks Are Normal

You may need to take a break from contacts from time to time. For example, if you have a color or allergies, it is wise to leave them out. You should never use your lenses if your eyes are already irritated. Adding the contacts will only make this worse and could cause later infection and problems. Once your eyes are free from irritation, you are free to add the contacts back in.

Colored eye contacts are completely safe and becoming very popular. The only dangerous piece is if you do not properly care for the lenses. Taking the time to consult with an eye doctor and buy FDA-approved products ensures you have safe and high quality contacts. Proper care means storing lenses in solution, keeping your hands clean, and never sleeping with the lenses in overnight. Investing in color eye contacts is a chance to change your whole look.